Serpent-handling pastor dies hours after he’s bitten by a RATTLESNAKE – nearly 30 years after his father died the same way.

Serpent: Rattlesnakes are seen in Wolford's congregation as a test of faith

A Pentecostal reverend known for preaching with the help of a rattlesnake coiled around his arm lost his life when one of the creatures suddenly bit him.

Mack Randall Wolford, pastor at the Full Gospel Apostolic House of the Lord Jesus in Matoaka, West Virginia, died hours after receiving the deadly bite on Sunday – the day after his 44th birthday.

Wolford’s father, who was also a serpent-handling pastor, died in the same way nearly 30 years ago.

Wolford had been bitten three times before, but never sought medical attention, saying that a bite was a test of his faith. It was his wish not to be taken to a hospital unless absolutely necessary.

But by the time he was taken to Bluefield Regional Medical Center, it was too late.


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