Russian hotels will have Bibles in each room

Russia joins the European and world traditions according to which hotel guests have the opportunity to read the Bible in their rooms, reports the Christian Telegraph in reference to ITAR-TASS. On August 9th, the first 6,000 copies of the New Testament and Psalms will be transferred to one of the largest hotels in Moscow “Izmailovo,” reports ITAR-TASS […]

Man Plots to Kill Local Pastor, Finds Jesus Instead

Deeply committed to his religion, Jayesh went to the local temple every morning to worship his gods and godesses. One day, he met Gospel for Asia pastor Nabhith as they were walking past one another through the village. It didn’t take long for Pastor Nabhith to share his love for Jesus with Jayesh. As he […]

Christianity under attack as violence sweeps through Egypt

Dozens of churches and monasteries have been burned and attacked, several Christians killed in the past few days of unrest in Egypt. The violence against Christians has been the underbelly to the ongoing public clash between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and interim government and security forces. The Associated Press reported that dozens of Christian churches have been hit with Molotov […]

Syria burns: Christians driven out of Qusayr

Ilyas was, he told me, the very last Christian to flee Qusayr. He had been one of just a handful in the town to join the revolution — an odd thing for a Christian to do because the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were and are mostly Sunnis, and the Christians mostly sided with Assad. Still, […]