Mexican church sets up ‘traffic light’ warning system for worshippers, where a red light means someone is being shot outside.

A Catholic priest gives Holy Communion to a member of the congregation as a green light is lit inside St Teresa of Avila church indicating it is safe outside. Violence now dominates Monterrey, Mexico’s wealthiest and third largest city in Nuevo Leon state, which is beset by shootouts and armed robberies. A culture of fear is now so […]

Unprecedented Presidential Disasters

by Don McBride Prophecy dudes like you and me who have been watching end time events are now familiar with these perfect storm events. In most cases, they seem to follow some stupid thing the President did against Israel or Jerusalem. I don’t just mean President Obama—there are some stupid moves by Republican Presidents too. We’ll […]

Massive number of U.S. cities abandon Bible.

by Joe Kovacs Providence, R.I., which was named for God’s divine providence, now ranks as the least Bible-minded city in the U.S. In times of trouble, many people often wonder, “Oh, God. Where are you when I need you most?” But with the nation facing drastic financial and social challenges in recent years, a new study […]

The Silent Conquest of a Continent

by Michael Youssef There’s been a lot of discussion within some in the media regarding the demographic changes taking place in Europe. But those of us who’ve traveled there have observed it firsthand: namely, the decreased birthrate among Europeans compared to the enormous birthrate increase among Muslim immigrants. Overall, the birthrate across the continent is far below the […]