Coin found near Jerusalem prove that Samson lived… and that he did fight the lion?

A tiny seal has been uncovered that could be the first archaeological evidence of Samson, the Biblical slayer of Philistines.Archaeologists discovered the ancient artifact while excavating the tell of Beit Shemesh in the Judaean Hills near Jerusalem, Israel. The seal, which measures less than an inch in diameter, shows a large animal with a feline tail […]


Fifty members of a northern Nigerian church were burned to death in their pastor’s house. The attack by armed gunmen was only the first in a 12-village spree of violence that left over 100 dead in northern Nigeria’s Plateau State, a region that had previously been outside Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram’s operational area and […]


Sources confirm North Korea has eased or lifted a number of restrictions for citizens since Kim Jong Un succeeded his father, Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il’s tenure as dictator was marked by intense persecution of Christians, including imprisonment of generations of a family for a single individual’s offense and executions.  Bans have been lifted […]

Philippines becoming dangerous for foreign missionaries

MANILA, Philippines – Several human rights advocacy groups based in New Zealand condemned the latest killing of a Dutch community worker in Angeles City. The Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa, Auckland Philippines Solidarity, and Wellington Kiwi Pinoy said they are outraged by the recent murder of Dutch Willem Geertman, a 67-year-old community worker. “Now with […]

Iran Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani: Trial Date Set for Sept. 8

According to Present Truth Ministries, which has been closely monitoring the pastor’s case, Nadarkhani will presumably be tried for crimes against security. “We assume by implication that this means the charges of apostasy have been dropped since the new charges have been issued, but we have no confirmation of that,” the ministry said Thursday. According […]