NASCAR Driver Loses Sponsor Over Christian Faith

Although many applaud the prayer meetings in NASCAR circles, not everyone is willing to tolerate Christian values on the race track. Indeed, NASCAR driver Blake Koch is being persecuted for his faith. Following California’s Royal Purple 300, Koch sat just 28 points out of the top 10 driver standings—but he was forced to race with a blank […]

As Titanic sank, he pleaded, ‘believe in the Lord Jesus!’

TAYLORS, S.C. (BP) — It has been 100 years since Titanic, the greatest ship of its time, sank on its maiden voyage, killing more than 1,500 passengers. The “unsinkable ship” had done just that, and on the tragedy’s centennial we stand captivated by the story. Many movies, documentaries and books have familiarized us with some […]

New English Translation of Bible Omits ‘Jesus Christ,’ ‘Angel’

A new translation of the Bible into English does not contain the name “Jesus Christ” nor the word “angel.” It also prefers the word “emissary” over “apostle.” The Voice, a Bible that replaces “Jesus Christ” with terms like “Jesus the Anointed One,” had its complete edition released by Thomas Nelson Publishing last month. Frank Couch, […]

Three violent attacks hit Christians in three Indian states

Anti-Christian sentiments appear to be on the rise across India. In recent months there have been three brutal attacks on believers in three separate Indian states. One attack occurred in Kerala state. A pastor and his children were eating dinner in the home of a convert to Christianity from Hinduism when Hindu extremists stormed in. […]