Majority of teens live in ‘rejection’ families

More than half of American teens have grown up with parents who “rejected each other,” which bodes ill for the nation’s future leadership, productivity, wealth and well-being, says a new national report on American families. Only 45 percent of teens, aged 15-17, have grown up from birth with their married, biological parents, says the new […]

Prayer helps vent anger, up self-worth

MADISON, Wis., Dec. 14 (UPI) — In a study of victims of violent relationships with intimate partners, U.S. researchers found prayer helped them vent their anger. Shane Sharp, a graduate sociology student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, interviewed dozens of victims of violent relationships with intimate partners and found prayer helped them not only vent […]

U.N. cites ‘a slow but steady exodus’ of Iraqi Christians

(CNN) — Violence in recent weeks has prompted a “slow but steady exodus” of Christians from the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Mosul, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday. The trend started after a Baghdad church attack on October 31 and subsequent targeted attacks of Christians in Baghdad and Mosul. The total death toll […]

Pagan prisoners given time off to worship the Sun God Read more:

Hundreds of criminals are to be given four days a year off prison work – to celebrate pagan festivals. Prison governors have been issued with a list of eight annual pagan holidays and told pagan inmates can choose four to celebrate. The festivals include Imbolc – The Festival of the Lactating Sheep – which falls […]