A Look at Religious Freedom Amid Israeli Arrests

Indian Christians feel unwelcome in U.K. churches

Indian—origin Christians who feel unwelcome in mainstream churches in Britain are forming their own small churches where they sing and pray in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and Punjabi to the accompaniment of ‘dhol’ and other instruments. Ram Gidoomal, a prominent member of the Asian community and chairman of the South Asia Forum, told PTI that there […]

Atheist Mayor in UK bans traditional Christian prayers before council meetings.

An atheist lord mayor has ended the tradition of Christian prayers before council meetings less than a month after he took up the chains of office. Labour councillor Colin Hall was condemned by the local diocese as well as Christian groups after boasting of his ‘delight’ at being able to end the tradition as mayor […]

Calls to ban brothels in Australia’s ‘Bible belt’‎

Although regulations vary, prostitution is generally legal across much of Australia and brothels are controlled by planning laws. However, the mayor of the Hills Shire Council in Sydney says there is no place for the sex industry in the “Bible Belt” district, home to one of the largest churches in the country. Peter Dimbrowsky told […]

Prayer Sao Paulo’s ‘God Factor’ for Change.

Violence and lawlessness were out of control. Then a group of police officers in Sao Paulo, Brazil asked God to intervene.

Earliest icons of Peter and Paul found.

ROME – The earliest known icons of the Apostles Peter and Paul have been discovered in a catacomb under an eight-story modern office building in a working-class neighborhood of Rome, Vatican officials said Tuesday. The images, which date from the second half of the 4th century, were discovered on the ceiling of a tomb that […]

‘Allahu Akbar!’ shouted as Christians cuffed

Four Christians were arrested and thrown out of a public Arab festival in Michigan – and at least two people claim a crowd cheered “Allahu Akbar!” while the Christians were led away in handcuffs for doing nothing more than engaging in peaceful dialogue and videotaping the event. Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla and 18-year-old […]

Bible translators hope to have every language covered in 15 years

A Christian endeavor of almost 2,000 years could be substantially completed by 2025. Protestant translators expect to have the Bible — or at least some of it — written in every one of the world’s 6,909 spoken languages. “We’re in the greatest period of acceleration in 20 centuries of Bible translation,” said Morrison resident Paul […]

Ex-Porn Star: ‘Porn Destroys Human Lives and is Destroying Our Nation’

Despite six federal obscenity laws currently on the books, illegal hardcore pornography is running rampant on cable television and the Internet — and federal prosecutions are virtually nonexistent. That needs to change, says a group of researchers and anti-porn activists. At a briefing held at the U.S. Capitol, researchers and activists, including a former porn movie […]

Bomb Explosion Kills Six At Prayer Rally

Nairobi – Two blasts at a Kenyan prayer meeting including church leaders and politicians campaigning against a proposed new constitution killed three people and injured at least 75, the prime minister said on Sunday.