Tamil Nadu, 100 Hindu radicals attack a Christian community

Mumbai (AsiaNews) – A crowd of more than 100 Hindu extremists have attacked and beaten a Pentecostal Christian community in Udumalpet, the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The attack took place on November 16 and was confirmed to AsiaNews, by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). The Rev. K.A. Sathis, pastor of Konkal Marthoma […]

Study Claims Most Christian Men Regularly View Pornography

A new survey from Proven Men Ministries claims that 77 percent of Christian men between the ages of 18 and 30 look at pornography at least monthly. The study was conducted by Barna Group and sampled 388 self-identified Christian men.   According to the study, 36 percent of men view pornography daily and another 32 percent admit […]

Ukraine: Christians Threatened with Firing Squads, Pastors Held Hostage

Reports are surfacing that rebels are threatening churches, interrupting services and even holding pastors hostage in eastern Ukraine. According to reports, rebels broke a ceasefire and attacked Donetsk airport this week. Thursday, a Red Cross aid worker was killed by shelling in Donetsk. Last week, a Seventh Day Adventist minister was abducted during a church service […]

Travelodge of England Removes Bibles from Hotel Rooms

Travelodge of England has become the first hotel chain to remove Bibles from its guest rooms, a move that has sparked concern from Christians. According to Travelodge, the decision was made in 2007 in an effort to make the hotel more accessible to a diverse group of travelers. “This decision was based on customer research […]

For the First Time in 2,000 Years, Mosul Is Devoid of Christians

Iraq’s Christians are begging the world for help. Is anybody listening? Since capturing the country’s second-largest city of Mosul in early June, the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, has ordered Christians to convert to Islam, pay taxes levied on non-Muslims, or die. The extremist Sunni group is also persecuting and murdering Turkmen and Shabaks, […]

Christianity Outlawed in Central Indian Villages

Several villages in central India have outlawed the open practice of Christianity—a move of questionable legality yet one that worries church leaders who say it already has encouraged anti-Christian violence. “The situation is becoming worse. The anti-Christian propaganda is becoming stronger,” Arun Pannalal, president of Chhattisgarh Christian Forum, told World Watch Monitor on Tuesday. Chhattisgarh […]

Last Christian Forced Out of Mosul after 2,000 Years

Christians have inhabited Mosul for over 2,000 years, but the last Christian fled the Iraqi city on Saturday around noon. ISIS militants had demanded that all Christians leave Mosul, convert to Islam or be killed. The ultimatum prompted thousands of people to leave the city; 500,000 have been forced to flee since ISIS gained control […]

Massive Attack on Five Churches, Boko Haram Burnt Five Churches, Over 100 Worshipers Killed During Sunday Service.

Five churches, including COCIN, EYN and Deeper Life Bible Church, in Kwada village about 10 kilometres from Chibok town, were on Sunday attacked by Boko Haram insurgents. The attackers, according to report from locals in Chibok, targeted the time when worshipers were ready for the Sunday Service. “They killed and burnt houses after attacking worshipers […]

The worst places on Earth for Christians

WASHINGTON – Somewhere around the world, another Christian is martyred, on average, every three hours, according to a new report that probably not surprisingly identifies nations where radical Islamists are abundant as the worst locations on Earth for Christians to be.  The new World Watch List research team for Open Doors International said the majority of the […]

Playing God, UK Will Offer Sex-Change Drug to 9-Year-Olds

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service is planning to offer sex-change treatment to children as young as 9, using a controversial drug that will block the onset of puberty. Known as hypothalamic blockers, the drugs prevent the development of sexual organs so that less surgery is needed if the patient decides to change sex after […]